Five Steps To Prepare For Your House Cleaner

//Five Steps To Prepare For Your House Cleaner

Five Steps To Prepare For Your House Cleaner

Let’s face it – we’ve all been there. We’re either stuck with a terrible housekeeper or cannot find trusted domestic help in your area. This is a universal problem that homeowners across Brisbane face. Naturally hiring someone to enter your home and clean it alone is also a daunting decision. They are strangers, to begin with, and it may seem difficult to grant them privy to your personal lives, plus they will have access to your dirty laundry quite literally. How do you find someone that can handle all the work for you? We have the guide that will help you through selecting a domestic house cleaner.

Step 01: Plan Ahead of Time

Unless you are in a dire condition and you have been left completely abandoned by your former house cleaner, always start ahead of time. Plan when you want to have the house cleaned and have a schedule around the key events that are taking place in your home like Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s Eve. Remember that cleaners could be booked ahead of time, so having a plan in place, means that your house will be cleaned for the important events.

Step 02: Recommendations are Important

It doesn’t hurt to have recommendations of whom you are hiring. Ask your friends and colleagues of cleaners they use or simply ask the cleaners to provide you with a list of clients they have serviced to understand how satisfied they are.

Step 03: Refer to your Sources Online

The internet is a great source to look out for cleaning companies. You can find actual reviews of people who have used them. However, it’s best to consult your friends and then resort to online sources as an option. Look for custom options and services, such as End Of Lease cleaning and so forth. This will help you get a good idea on what works for your property.

Step 04: Shortlist and Request Estimates

Once you have a few options are shortlisted to about two or three, call them for estimates based on the number of room, the expanse of space in square meters or feet, a number of bathrooms, the required tasks that involve vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and other activities that are required around the house. This makes a comparison between cleaners easier to choose.

Step 05: Preparation Process

This involves two types of preparation for you as a homeowner. First, you need to prepare with the “regimen” for cleaning the house. Write down what you need done around the house and tick it off with how often it should be done, where the cleaning utensils and detergents are and list out how often this is expected to happen.

Next, write down a list of questions that you plan to ask the candidates when they come in for the interview process.

  • Ask how long they have been involved in cleaning houses
  • Ask them to elaborate the tasks they have conducted thus far
  • Ask them if they have any health concerns, sickness, or allergies
  • Clarify their stance about cleaning when there are children and pets
  • Do a quick tour of your home to familiarise them with the area

Lastly, once you have selected the appropriate candidate, confirm their charges and finalise the dates and times. Hand them the guide you have compiled and monitor them regularly until you feel completely at ease with entrusting them with your home.

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