Facing A Pest Infestation? Here Is What You Need To Know

//Facing A Pest Infestation? Here Is What You Need To Know

Facing A Pest Infestation? Here Is What You Need To Know

A safe, clean and pest-free home is important for your family to live and thrive in. Your home should be free of critters and unwanted household pests. Not paying attention to household pests can quickly lead to the situation getting out of control. 

In addition, they can cause unsanitary and unsafe environments for adults, children and pets. Read on to learn more about why you should take pest infestations seriously, and what you should do if you face one.

Why you should take household pests seriously

  • Rats, mice and fleas can carry disease and also make you ill. 
  • Termites can cause structural damage to your home
  • Ants and similar critters can get into your food and contaminate it
  • Flea infested carpets and upholstery can cause severe itching and skin issues
  • Household pests are not just a nuisance to humans but can cause problems for any pets too
  • Pests are simply pests because of the sheer speed at which they can multiply. Deal with them quickly to avoid a full invasion.
  • Pest infestation at your business can damage your reputation and cause you loss of profits in the long and short term
  • Allergic reaction to pest bites can cause life threatening results in some. Do not wait until something happens

Who should you call?

You may be facing pests of every kind. Whether ants, bees, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, spiders or termites, pest control services are available.

However, pest control can also be the domain of top home cleaning services. At Dom Care Cleaning, we are the leading pest management specialists. To help you deal with your pest problem, we also offer a free quotation service. 

Dom Care Cleaning offers services to both residential and commercial buildings. We understand the impact on people’s homes and the setbacks they can cause people’s livelihoods and so we endeavour to provide a quick, efficient and effective extermination service allowing you to resume activities as soon as possible.


Pests are a nuisance to health and well-being and can also affect your property’s safety and security. It can impact businesses negatively, taking months and years to recover from the consequences of uncontrolled pest infestation. 

At Dom Care Cleaning, we offer more than every day cleaning. We offer professional deep cleaning and pest management services. We are a proud family business, ready to serve your needs. Get in touch for a quotation today.

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