Workplace Pests and Bugs: What You Can Do

//Workplace Pests and Bugs: What You Can Do

Workplace Pests and Bugs: What You Can Do

Your office or workplace’s appearance says a lot about your professionality, so it only makes sense to have it regularly cleaned. One common and persistent threat that can spook or drive away customers and employees are creepy-crawlies… bugs! Surely neither you nor your employees want to risk poking a hornet’s nest or dealing with infestations, but the fact of the matter is that it does need to be done to create a safe and healthy workplace. Here are what kinds of pests you may encounter and how you can deal with them.


You’ve probably heard that spiders are great to have around because they eat other smaller bugs. Well, that’s sort of the problem, isn’t it? Spiders themselves indicate that there are flies or ants somewhere in the office. If you’ve found spiders in your office then keep looking to see what they’re feasting on so you can take action.

Ants & Flies

These little critters love eating what you and your employees don’t. They’ll start to accumulate in kitchens and areas where food is tossed into rubbish bins, so the best way to deal with them is to have your rubbish bin cleared out every day and keeping organic waste away from the office altogether.

Flies are a particular nuisance since they’ll lay eggs around the source of the food. They don’t lay one or two, either. Flies lay 75 to 150 eggs in one go, which means that a few fruit flies can quickly turn into an infestation in a matter of days.


Perhaps the nastiest of all the pests you can have in a home or workplace are cockroaches. Just like us, they need food, water, and shelter. Cabinets with old food and crumbs, for example, will give them a great excuse to move in, rent-free. These bugs are tough as nails, so it’s best you contact an extermination company to have cockroach infestations dealt with efficiently.

The best you can do is to avoid them altogether by keeping all areas clean and giving them little excuse to want to settle and spread, to begin with.


Termites love cellulose and can be found hanging around paper, wood, and cardboard. This is their source of nutrition, so it may not seem so bad having them eat up old discarded paper but the problem gets far worse when they start eating structural timber or furniture. Termites should be dealt with by treating wood products, disposing of paper products regularly, and having them exterminated if they ever show up.

Rats & Mice

If rats and mice can spook elephants, imagine what effect their presence will have on your customers and employees. Mice and rats love to forage in quiet places, and they’ll go straight for the rubbish bins to eat whatever leftovers they may find. One sure-fire way to treat the problem is to set up mouse traps around the office, but this is only a temporary solution resulting in an unsightly mess to have to clean up.

Instead, create an environment in which mice don’t want to come around. Remove rubbish bins and dispose of organic waste every day to keep them at bay.

Dom Care Cleaning

Prevention is the best medicine, and this applies fully to workplace cleaning as a means of keeping pests and bugs away. Dom Care Cleaning provides professional Pest Control services of all sorts, so enquire with us about our services.

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