Window Cleaning: DIY or Call in the Cleaners?

//Window Cleaning: DIY or Call in the Cleaners?

Window Cleaning: DIY or Call in the Cleaners?

There’s no getting around the fact that homes and businesses need to keep their windows clean. Unlike other parts of the building, windows visibly attract dirt, germs, and bacteria quite quickly which can render the most beautiful home or office an unsightly mess if neglected.

How do you keep your windows clean? A bottle of glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth are great to get the job done yourself, but when you’re dealing with multiple windows or windows above ground level, the job is often better done by a professional cleaning company. Consider the following when deciding whether to do it yourself:

  • Safety Comes First

There aren’t many safety risks associated with window cleaning provided you’re cleaning windows from the inside or exterior cleaning at ground level. Go up a storey, however, and the risk becomes considerable. Professional cleaners come equipped with harnesses and people moving equipment to ensure that everything from a neighbourhood pub to multi-storey complexes can be cleaned safely and securely.

Our cleaners are fully insured and are all compliant with occupational health and safety regulations and guidelines, meaning that you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Dom Care Cleaning.

  • Spot-Free, Streak-Free

What good does window cleaning do if you’re left with specks, spots, and visible streaks afterwards? The correct technique for window cleaning isn’t rocket surgery, but it’s awfully aggravating to have to come back and re-do the job on your own time after discovering spots and streaks. Professional window cleaners will quickly and efficiently leave your windows spot-free and streak-free, every time. Dom Care Cleaning guarantees it!

  • Time is Money

If your shop or office workplace is relatively small, you could have the windows cleaned yourself or assign this task to one of your employees, but that’s just taking time out of creating value at your workplace. When dealing with bigger shops and offices, however, this task becomes a dedicated, routine cleaning job.

Your time is valuable, so take the stress out of doing the cleaning yourself and let a professional handle your window cleaning for you. One or two windows, do it yourself. Any more than that or when dealing with heights, leave it to the pros.

  • Appearances DO Matter

Don’t be fooled, appearances matter a lot, so the way your business presents itself in terms of cleanliness can affect the impression from customers and clients about the quality of your product or service.

Take Apple, for example. If your local Apple store neglected to have their windows cleaned, you’d notice rather quickly since their entire store concept is open spaces and lots of crystal-clean windows. Present yourself as a clean business with routinely clean windows and you’ll convey a positive image to customers.

  • More Than Just Aesthetics

Clean windows promote healthier, more productive workplaces. How? Soiled, dirty windows can attract dust, mould, and bacterial growth which can set around the sills and lead to respiratory problems or rot (around wooden sills). Furthermore, dirty windows block out more natural sunlight, something which keeps employees (especially in office spaces) happy and productive. It’s no wonder why so many modern offices have gone with open concepts and maximum natural sunlight.

Keep your windows clean and you can also improve energy efficiency within the building by allowing sunlight to warm up the building during the daytime. It may be marginal, but noticeably dirty windows will have negative effects over time.

Dom Care Cleaning

Residential and commercial window cleaning is only a phone call away. The friendly folk here at Dom Care Cleaning guarantee spot-free, streak-free, beautiful windows with a perfect finish, every time.

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