Tenants Moving Out? 5 Residential Deep Cleaning Tips

//Tenants Moving Out? 5 Residential Deep Cleaning Tips

Tenants Moving Out? 5 Residential Deep Cleaning Tips

One of the toughest challenges as a landlord or property manager is cleaning and preparing your rental flats for new tenants. Of course, new tenants have an expectation, namely that their new flat is clean.

Whether you need a quick turnaround time or want to avoid wasting your valuable time deep cleaning your rental flats, Dom Care Cleaning in Brisbane and Gold Coast can help you with your end of lease cleaning and give you the peace of mind that your new tenants will be welcomed to a clean and cosy new apartment. 

Here are our top five tips for deep cleaning your end of lease cleaning.

1. Move-Out Inspections

Whenever tenants give you notice that they intend to leave, you’ll always want to be there to ensure that the flat is being left in the condition under which it was originally let. Lease agreements and tenancy agreements should contain a checklist of appliances, the condition of walls and floors (including carpets), and the condition of all other objects within the flat that are part of the agreement.

This helps you and the tenants identify any possible damages that may be withheld from their bond as well as giving you a good idea of how much work needs to be put into cleaning and repairing, if any.

2. Clean Thoroughly

Don’t assume that your tenants have the same standard of cleanliness that you do. Especially if they’ve inhabited the unit for a substantial amount of time, you’ll likely need to deep clean far more thoroughly than you would your own home in order to provide an acceptable level of cleanliness for the new tenants.

Things you’ll want to look out for are: shampooing and steam cleaning carpets, drapes, and upholstery, replacing air intake filters and HVAC filters, repairing appliances, replacing light fixtures, sanitising countertops and surfaces, and eliminating mould and bacterial growth. 

Keep a checklist of all the key areas you need to clean and keep it separate from your routine maintenance tasks, since you’ll be doing the latter anyway. It’s a big job, best to leave to professional bond cleaners.

3. Paint and Patch Walls

This task cannot be done whilst the unit is inhabited, so take the time to patch and repaint walls between tenancies so that the paint has sufficient time to dry. Paint is relatively cheap and can make a strong impression on the cleanliness and attractiveness of your rental properties, so don’t neglect this opportunity.

4. Inspect Bathroom and Plumbing

Leaky plumbing can create serious damage to floors, walls, and ceilings, and even worse can lead to mould. Take the time to inspect all plumbing and replace or repair as necessary. 

Plumbing issues can easily be the most costly expense should it be neglected, and conversely, spending the time to keep your plumbing well-maintained can be one of the biggest investments to the longevity and quality of life for you and your tenants.

5. Deep Clean Carpets

If your unit is carpeted, you’ll certainly want to focus a lot of your energy on properly deep cleaning the carpets thoroughly. Mould and bacteria have a tendency to accumulate and grow deep in carpets and can lead to respiratory problems. Furthermore, stained carpets will leave a negative impression on the new tenants.

This is why many Brisbane property owners will opt for professional carpet cleaning that includes services like steam cleaning, dry cleaning and encapsulation. Not only will this remove bacterial growth and mould, but it will also leave your carpet looking and feeling fresh again.

Call Your Cleaners

Now you’re familiar with these handy cleaning tips, it’s time to contact your cleaners to refresh your property for your next tenant! If you’re a tenant moving on from your rental, getting help from reliable bond cleaners is the best way to ensure you satisfy all of the above needs for your landlord.

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