Steps To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

//Steps To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

Steps To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

Clean and pristine floors can feel amazing to walk on, and can make a room look significantly more attractive and inviting. If you have babies crawling around, or a toddler who loves to eat whatever she can find, having clean floors can also be important for their health. Sometimes you can clean your floor, and yet there may be an annoying stain that makes an otherwise tidy room look messy. 

In fact, there is little worse than having a brand new carpet installed in your living room and then spilling coffee or juice all over the middle of the floor. The most stubborn stains may require the help of reliable cleaning professionals to fully disappear. Fortunately, if you deal with common stains like coffee quickly, it may not result in a stain that is there to stay. Follow these six quick steps; act before the coffee or juice dries for best results. 

  • Blot

Get a paper towel, or clean cloth and blot the area where the drink is spilt. Do this gently, and while the carpet is still wet. This gentle blotting process should absorb and remove most of the spilt liquid.

  • Dishwashing Detergent and Vinegar

Get a cup of warm water and generously squirt in some washing detergent, along with some vinegar. is mild and won’t do any harm to your carpet or rug. However, if you are in any doubt, then you can test a small area first. Vinegar, while it has a strong smell, is also safe and natural to use as a cleaner.

  • Application

Apply the liquid solution over the stained area and start blotting again with clean paper towels or cloth. Start from the outer area of the stain and work your way inwards. This will prevent you from spreading the spillage further.

  • Rinse

Rinse the whole area with some clean water and start the blotting process once more, starting from the outer and working your way to the centre again.

  • Dry

The patch now needs to dry. Place clean paper towels over it to help absorb excess fluid and help it to dry quickly. Once it is dry, you should hopefully not be able to spot the stain at all.

  • Extra Step: Bring Out The Baking Soda

If steps 1-5 in the process above has not produced results to your satisfaction, you can also try a baking soda and water trick. Simply make a paste and spread over the stain. Let it dry before hoovering up with a vacuum cleaner and it should lift any remaining residue that was left on the carpet.


Spills are annoying on carpets and rugs, and stains can leave rooms looking messy even when they are clean. Dealing with coffee or juice stains swiftly can help reduce the chances of long term staining so you can keep you home looking pristine and keep up the value of your house.

While these steps will usually work with certain drink stains, there will be some stains you just can’t get rid of easily by yourself. If your stains are extra-stubborn to deal with, or your busy lifestyle prevents you from focusing on these details, Dom Care Cleaning in Brisbane and Gold Coast can take care of all your cleaning needs. 

We can clean and organise your home to meet your individual standards. We take pride in providing the highest quality Carpet Cleaning Service. Get in touch to find out how we can help keep your home looking spruce and fresh for you and your family to live happily and contentedly.

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