Robotic Vacuums: Are They Worth it?

//Robotic Vacuums: Are They Worth it?

Robotic Vacuums: Are They Worth it?

Robotic Vacuums have become a very big fad in the last ten or so years. Truly, they have been out since the mid-1990s but were not very efficient or affordable. Over the last five to ten years the technology of robotic vacuums has been fine-tuned to offer an easier way to keep your home clean. Although robotic vacuums can still be on the pricy side we will explore if they are actually worth the price or the purchase in the rest of this article. 

They Fit Under Small Places

A robotic vacuum is a nice, short piece of equipment. It does not require having a long handle or even that you maneuver it. This makes the robot vacuum very easy to access places that a traditional vacuum could not. For Instance, under beds, under tables or in other hard to reach places. However, a robotic vacuum is not very good at picking up around edges of rooms or corners. 

Clean When You Are Not Home

No one wants to hear the roar of a loud piece of cleaning equipment and robotic vacuums are no exception. So, what better way to clean than when you are not at home to hear the noise? Robotic vacuums can be programmed to clean at a certain time and certain days of the week. It will undock at the time set (For example four pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) clean for the allotted time (typically one hour, but depends on the vacuum model, size and capacity), and then re-dock to charge when it is finished. If it happens to get stuck while you are not home then it will automatically shut it’s self off. When you come through the door you will have a freshly vacuumed home. 

Clean Heavy Traffic Areas

Well maybe your whole home may not be freshly vacuumed but the heavy traffic areas or a specific area can be cleaned for you daily while you are away from the home or at work. Some robotic vacuums are smarter and more technologically advanced than others. The “smarter” robotic vacuums have a mapped memory of rooms, where things are in the room and the house floor plan. This keeps the vacuum on track to make sure as much floor space as possible is cleaned. 

However, some vacuums do not have a mapping memory. For the robotic vacuums like this the best way to make good use of them is to put them in the most used room in the house (ie; the utility room or kitchen) or the highest travelled area (by the back door or front foyer) where people come in and out of the house the most.

So Are Robotic Vacs Worth It? 

It all comes down to what your house is like, what you want from a vacuum, and what you expect. If you think that a robotic vacuum can replace a traditional vacuum 100% of the time – then you are wrong. You will still need a traditional vacuum if you want a quick and efficient cleanup.

Professional Cleaners Are More Efficient

So, instead of buying several different pieces of cleaning equipment for your home settle for one or the other, a traditional vacuum or a robotic vacuum, and leave the weekly and monthly deep cleaning to those at Dom Care Cleaning

Choosing a traditional vacuum or a robotic vacuum will give you the freedom to clean up a quick mess, but hiring a professional cleaning service will keep you from buying any more than necessary pieces of cleaning equipment and save time from doing the maintenance yourself. Contact us today for commercial cleaning in brisbane .

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