Pressure Cleaning: Call a Pro or DIY?

//Pressure Cleaning: Call a Pro or DIY?

Pressure Cleaning: Call a Pro or DIY?

Keeping your business or property clean and tidy is essential because first impressions matter. Your customers and employees will notice if you’ve been neglecting to keep up a tidy appearance.

If you’re in Brisbane, give Dom Care Cleaning a ring and ask about our pressure cleaning services. No matter whether it’s unsightly graffiti or routine cleaning of your driveway, roof, walls, or anyplace else that’s accumulating dirt and grime, Dom Care has expertise in rejuvenating your property and giving it the clean appearance it deserves.

Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

As the name implies, High Pressure Cleaning uses highly pressurised water to remove dirt, dust, mould, and other unwanted blights on your property without compromising or damaging the property itself.

Pressure cleaning should be done regularly around your property so that not only does your home or business look presentable but that you also eliminate bacteria, mould, and thereby make your workplace safer. It also makes financial sense; mould and rotting can lead to more serious damage in the future, which could cost substantially more to replace than if you had maintained a good cleaning routine.


If you need to clean up your driveway or property every once in a while, you can always use a rented pressure cleaning machine to get the job done yourself. It’s often affordable, but continual rental costs do add up and it may make sense to purchase a pressure cleaner if you’re using it frequently.

Perhaps the more important concern, however, is the expertise required to operate the machine. Sure, it may look easy and it’s definitely satisfying to watch qualified professionals bringing walls and driveways back to life. Not only do cheaper pressure washers often lack the appropriate pressures or nozzle settings to get the job done right, but also more expensive commercial pressure cleaning machines can often do more harm than good if used improperly.

Using too high a pressure on your driveway can create permanent damage, for example. Although it may look like you’ve done a good job, extreme pressure settings can erode protective layers of coating and irreversible damage your property. If you want to be sure about getting the job done well, call an expert such as Dom Care Cleaning.

Why You Need Routine Cleaning

It’s good practice to schedule for routine pressure cleaning. Even if your property looks clean, bacteria, dust, and mould will thrive if given the appropriate climate and conditions. Accumulation of mould can be dangerous for your health and lead to respiratory problems, so it only makes sense that this fungal growth should never be given the opportunity to thrive and affect your customers or employees.

In addition to the health concerns listed above, keeping and maintaining a clean business can add value to your property and attract more customers. Your home will look great if it’s being routinely washed as well. It’s immensely satisfying to see the difference a good pressure cleaning job can have on a driveway, for instance.

If you’d like to see the difference a good pressure cleaning can have on your home or business, get in touch with Dom Care Cleaning in Brisbane.

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