Preparing Your House For Christmas: 5 Holiday Cleaning Tips

//Preparing Your House For Christmas: 5 Holiday Cleaning Tips

Preparing Your House For Christmas: 5 Holiday Cleaning Tips

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. The cooking, shopping, and cleaning can become overwhelming very quickly. If you decide to cook before you clean you may run out of time to clean or vice versa. Then, you forget to pick something up at the store so you send your husband only upon his return from the store you find out that he picked up the wrong item. Here are some tips to prepare your house for Christmas.

1. Hire a Professional

Don’t be afraid to admit that you cannot clean your entire house in preparation for Christmas. After all, it can be very difficult to clean the house while your cooking and making a mess all over again. So, relax and let a Brisbane cleaning professional handle the dirty work. You can never go wrong with hiring a professional. A professional will have a full team, equipment and timely achievable goal. Professionals are experts in the field. They are prepared to complete the task at hand with the very thoroughness that you expect. 

2. Be Prepared and Have a Plan

If you are still determined to clean your house yourself at least get organized about it. Put a plan and place and get yourself prepared. For instance, make sure you have rented all the necessary equipment such as carpet cleaners or a power washer for the outside of the house. Prepare the equipment that you already have. Ensure your vacuum is cleaned, has a new filter and is running properly. There is nothing worse than getting deep into a project and having to stop to fix something. Don’t forget all of the little details like plenty of rags, paper towels, glass cleaner, wood polish, etc. Most importantly, have a plan in place. Which room will you start with? Which rooms will even be utilized by the guest? Tip: Start with the entryway and work your way through the rooms of the house from there. 

3. Think of The Rooms That Will Be Utilized

You may seem really overwhelmed when you begin thinking about cleaning your whole house for family Christmas. The fact is not every room needs to be cleaned. If the master bedroom and master bathroom can be closed off from the rest of the house then it’s not necessary to deep clean those rooms. If the guest room isn’t going to be used then just straighten it up and move on. Work on the entryway of the house, the dining room, the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom the guest will use. Don’t make it any more stressful than cleaning a house to prepare for Christmas already is.

4.Top to Bottom

Always start at the top of the room and work your way down. Start with ceilings, light fixtures and ceiling fans then work your way down the walls on prints or photo frames. From there, clean the furniture in the rooms and then lastly the floors. This will prevent the ceiling from dusting from making you repeat the vacuuming later on.  

5. Prepare for Post-Holiday Clean-up

Preparing for Christmas is one thing, but preparing for the clean up afterwards is an entirely different preparation. Ensure you have plenty of trash bags on hand somewhere to go with all of the trash. Buying a few more trash cans may come in handy with the wrapping paper, paper plates, forks and spoons as well as extra paper towels that will be used. Also, you may want to consider recycling! Pick up an extra trash can at the store and label it in your kitchen ‘Recyclables’. You will feel good about yourself and the trash cans at the end of the driveway won’t be completely stuffed full to the brim. 

To eliminate all the stress of cleaning your house for your friends and family to criticize contact Dom Care Cleaning to have an expert clean your house from top to bottom. Your house will be dazzling and you can enjoy Christmas knowing your house has had a reset clean-up by the best.

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