Office Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

//Office Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

Office Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

Cleaning workstations and individual cubicles doesn’t often have the same challenges that cleaning office kitchens do. Perhaps it comes down to accountability; we are able to take responsibility for cleaning our own work areas, but office kitchens can be left for someone else to do. If everyone thinks it’s “everyone else’s” job, you end up with a dirty mess, and often a stinky one too whenever food is concerned.

Here are a few office kitchen cleaning tips that are effective and can work in your office:

1. Promote a Clean Environment

Cleanliness is a major factor affecting the happiness of employees in Australian workplaces. Neglecting to keep a clean office promotes even further messiness since a sort of “broken windows theory” means that no one really cares to add to the pile of dirty dishes or to clean up spills.

Avoid this by providing employees with the cleaning supplies necessary to promptly clean up spills and stains before they’re allowed to set. Cleaning sprays, towels, cloths, and rubbish bins should all be within easy reach within the kitchen so that employees are encouraged to clean up after themselves.

2. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Unfortunately, setting up a cleaning schedule means that some employees will be inconvenienced from time to time. But it’s sometimes the best thing to do when no one wants to take responsibility for cleaning up.

There are a few benefits to having a cleaning schedule, such as the ability to assign deep cleaning tasks (i.e. clearing out refrigerators once a month and discarding old milk and anything else left behind) and to ensure that the cleaning duties are shared equally amongst your employees.

3. Clear Rubbish Bins Frequently

When everyone is eating lunch in the same room, rubbish bins tend to fill up rather quickly to the point of overflowing. If no one is taking the time to replace the bin with another bag, employees will commonly simply add to the overflowing pile of food and rubbish, creating an even bigger mess.

Ensure that rubbish bins are cleaned out every day so that food isn’t given the time to rot and to stink up the office.

4. Post Encouraging Signage

Passive aggressively written post-its left on refrigerators come across as such and may actually encourage neglect rather than conformity. Instead, take the time to post positive signage in the kitchen as simple reminders of the values of keeping the office clean. Positive reinforcement tends to work for many things, and kitchen cleanliness is certainly one place to put it to good use.

5. Hire a Professional Cleaner

Sometimes all of the signage, cleaning schedules, and leading by example will fall on deaf ears. Furthermore, most employees likely have duties that can create far more value for your business whilst at their desk than taking out rubbish does. That’s where professional bond cleaning services can help out. Frequent and routine professional cleaning can keep all areas of the kitchen clean and tidy without having to delegate (which, to some, comes across as patronising) cleaning duties.

Get in Touch With Dom Care Cleaning

Offices big or small all need to be kept clean and tidy. It leads to improved productivity in the workplace and it also promotes good health. If your office is in need of professional Commercial Cleaning, contact Dom Care Cleaning and see the difference it makes to have your office and office kitchen cleaned by professionals.

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