How To Keep Your Bathroom Looking New

//How To Keep Your Bathroom Looking New

How To Keep Your Bathroom Looking New

Whether you have newly renovated your bathroom or moved into a new property, having a beautiful, clean and sparkling bathroom is a desire for most people. It is a space used several times a day by all the family. From brushing teeth, to soaking in hot and steaming water, it can be a place of frivolous fun as well as relaxing moments.

If you’ve newly spent thousands on a new bathroom suite, you may be wondering what the best way is of taking care of it. How can you keep your brand new bathroom from looking grey and dull before its time? There are several cleaning tips that may help with this. Read on to learn more.

1. Avoid strong cleaners

Most people probably hold the belief that the more cleaning agent they use, the more their bathroom will sparkle. Unfortunately, however, this is seldom true. Strong chemicals in many modern day cleaners can erode the surface of your enamel suite, making it look duller faster.

One way of avoiding this is by diluting the cleaner. Adding water to it will make it softer and less harsh on the surfaces you use it on. Another alternative is to stick to natural cleaners like white vinegar and bicarbonate. These are tried and tested methods of getting out stubborn stains from almost anywhere.

2. Air it out

Unfortunately, the bathroom is the perfect place for mildew and mould to appear. This is particularly the case in corners where moisture collects and then takes a long time to dry. It is important to air out the bathroom after use. Build up of water and condensation and also make your tiles look dull and over time, it will become increasingly more difficult to get the shine back. If you don’t have a window to leave open for this purpose, consider investing in a fan.

3. Update your bathroom accessories

One of the things that makes a new and sparkling bathroom look truly beautiful is the minimalist look it has. You achieve the showroom effect from the lack of toothbrushes, toothpaste, plastic bottles, cups and razors that pop up once the bathroom is being used. You should make sure your new bathroom has ample storage space. If you must leave things out, then invest in some stylish dispensers and holders that complement your bathroom.

4. Seal your natural tiles

Natural tiles like stone and marble can have breathtaking results when installed well. Unfortunately, however, they are porous. It is important to seal these tiles before use so that water does not penetrate through them to the walls underneath. Once this happens, you may have a permanently mouldy and musty bathroom that may be difficult to freshen up.

5. Regular cleaning

Having a regular quick cleaning routine can help maintain a sparklingly new bathroom for longer. If you spend a few minutes cleaning every day before or after a shower, you don’t have to worry about the build-up of grime and dirt. Keep your drawers and cupboards organized, throw away any trash, and air out the bathroom daily and your cleaning will feel more manageable.


Having a beautiful and sparkling bathroom is something most people wish to have. Whether you spend time in there having long and relaxing showers after a long day, or sit on a stool in the evenings watching your toddlers bathe, a sparkling bathroom can be enjoyed by all the family. By using soft and natural cleaners regularly, as well as waterproofing the tiles and airing it out, a newly renovated bathroom will look newer for longer.

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