How To Keep An Easy To Follow Cleaning Routine

//How To Keep An Easy To Follow Cleaning Routine

How To Keep An Easy To Follow Cleaning Routine

Keeping a clean home is something many people desire, but few manage to achieve without feeling stressed and run down. However, there are some things you can endeavour to do on a daily basis that will help you develop a cleaning routine that you can manage. If it still feels like your time is better spent on other tasks then don’t worry, cleaning professionals are always on hand to take the load off you.

1. Make your bed every morning

There are many benefits to making the bed every morning. Firstly, it gives you a sense of completion and achievement and sets the tone for the rest of the day. You are more likely to be in a positive mood. It also has a huge impact on how tidy a room looks almost instantly, and only takes a few minutes. 

2. Change your definition of “clean”

To start with, you have to give yourself realistic expectations. Your home may never look like a showroom or advert for a cleaning product showcasing sparkling furniture. Try not to get caught up in little cleaning details and aim for overall cleanliness. If you have other responsibilities such as work or small children then you have to cut yourself some slack. One way of developing this attitude is to hire professional cleaners once in a while to give everything a deep clean.

3. Do a load of laundry a day

This may depend on how much you do a week, but if you’re ending up with a pile of laundry every day then try to do a load every day too. This helps you keep on top of laundry, it stops you running out of clothes and also prevents your clothes from taking over your home.

4. Prioritize an area every day

Prioritise a room and space in the house every day for cleaning. Whether it is the kitchen pantry, the children’s toy room or the living room, give something extra attention for a few extra minutes every day. This will help things piling up and from becoming overwhelming.

5. Delegate to family members

It may be easier to do it yourself short term, however, long term, it is better for everyone if they learn important skills and tasks that keep a family home running. Give your children age-appropriate tasks and also share the load with your partner. Let family members take charge of their own rooms, and encourage a specific time in the week where everyone is cleaning together. These habits will also help your kids long term. 

6. Keep cleaning items available

You should keep clothes, scrubbing items and cleaners near to where they need to be used. This will encourage you to give things a quick clean when you have a few spare minutes. Ensure that you store them safely, however, and out of reach of small children. 


Building a few daily habits can help you stay on top of your cleaning routine. Delegating tasks to family members, as well as keeping cleaning materials in accessible areas all help to achieve this. However, if it is still overwhelming for you, then don’t worry, Dom Care Cleaning in Brisbane and the Gold Coast can take care of it for you. 

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