Do’s and Don’ts of Office Desk Cleaning

//Do’s and Don’ts of Office Desk Cleaning

Do’s and Don’ts of Office Desk Cleaning

Keeping an office clean and tidy is not a one-time deal. Frequent routine cleaning can work wonders to maintaining a tidy and productive workplace; routine deep cleaning can keep it healthy and free of dust, dirt, and bacteria. One area of particular concern is each employee’s office desk space. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of office desk cleaning.

Do keep desks organised

Small office desk organisers for paper and stationery encourage employees to make use of them. Unkempt desks full of assorted papers reduces productivity since employees can easily get misplaced or lost, but it also looks unclean and messy to clients and visitors.

Do eat in office kitchens

There’s a reason why communal eating spaces exist in modern offices. Eat lunch and take breaks away from your desk; it promotes cleanliness by reducing food waste and bacteria at the desk but it also presents an opportunity to get away from that computer screen for a few precious minutes.

Do keep electronics and computer workstations clean

We spend more and more time in front of our computers every day, so it stands to reason that keyboards and mice should be sanitised and cleaned regularly. These peripherals are a breeding ground for grease, dirt, and can help spread common colds whenever multiple users share a computer.

Do encourage clean restrooms with signs and updated facilities

Unfortunately, many people still don’t maintain proper hygiene or wash their hands thoroughly after using the restroom. It should be obvious that this helps accelerate the spread of germs. Always flush toilets and ensure that employees have plenty of soap and dryers to encourage good handwashing habits. Reminder signs on the back of toilet doors are never too much in a shared bathroom. 

Don’t leave papers and debris cluttered at the desk

Loose papers, stationery, and office supplies can quickly clutter a desk, leaving little valuable space. Don’t allow desks to become untidy and disorganised; it reduces workplace productivity and looks unprofessional.

Don’t eat at your desk

Eating at the desk is an unfortunate reality of fast-paced workplaces. Whether it’s due to time constraints or because office kitchens are constantly dirty, eating at the desk is a bad habit for many reasons. Firstly, used food containers and cutlery spread bacteria on the desk. Food also leaves a smell that may be unappealing. Lastly, employees need a healthy break from their computer monitors. Keep office kitchens clean and appealing and discourage eating at desks.

Don’t neglect your electronics and computer workstations

Whether it’s your telephone or keyboard, don’t neglect to keep your electronic devices clean and sanitised. Computer peripherals are often used for eight or more hours per day, which adds up to 40 hours a week. That’s a lot of opportunities for germs and bacteria to grow and spread. This can be helped by providing employees with sanitary wipes.

Don’t ignore good hygiene habits in the restroom

Always flush toilets and don’t flush foreign objects that don’t belong there. Furthermore, don’t leave the restroom without washing your hands thoroughly. This helps prevent the spread of common colds and illnesses in the workplace.

Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy With Dom Care Cleaning

Keeping your office tidy is a team effort, so everyone can do their part. Keeping an office clean and sanitary, however, requires thorough, regular bond cleaning best left to qualified professionals such as Dom Care Cleaning. Enquire about our high pressure cleaning services and how we can help keep your office clean and tidy, thereby increasing your productivity and workplace health and safety by keeping bacteria and dust under control.

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