Cleaning a House With Pets: What You Should Know

//Cleaning a House With Pets: What You Should Know

Cleaning a House With Pets: What You Should Know

Pets are a part of the family and your love for them shouldn’t alter if they shed or not. Keeping your house clean while enjoying their company should not be a hard task to accomplish. Nevertheless, read the article below for some handy tips and pointers to keep your household clean even when you’re sharing it with fur family. 

1. Sweep Daily and Mop Often

A very important aspect to keeping your house cleaning with pets occupying is to sweep daily and mop about once or twice a week. Sweeping daily keeps the pet hair from gathering in unseen places. Unseen places such as behind the entertainment center, under the couch or around the refrigerator. Those pieces of furniture can be very hard and heavy to move very frequently. So keeping the pet hair to a minimum daily will keep the hair at a minimum from under those heavy pieces. 

Sweeping daily and mopping at least once a week will keep your house in a cleaner state and the deep cleaning will not need to be performed as often. Of course, plenty of busy families will not always be able to devote as much time to daily cleaning as they’d like to. In this case, hiring a reliable cleaning professional to take care of the tasks for you can be a great help!

2. Automatic Vacuums

Automatic vacuums have been all the rave in the last few years and with good reason. A vacuum that cleans your house while you’re at work? Who wouldn’t invest in a product like that? Automatic vacuums definitely can help the daily cleanliness of your house. Even for households that might have dogs that do not shed an automatic vacuum may help pick up the dirt that can be tracked in by your four-legged friend.

3. Handheld Vacuums

A handheld vacuum can be very helpful in those quick touch-up cleaning moments where you spot a bit of fluff or pet hairs on your floor when you’re expecting company. Handheld vacuums can also be beneficial to use in furniture, around window frames, door frames or on steps and stairs. Take a quick look around the house with your handheld vacuum and clean all of those little spaces and corners before your visitors walks through the door.

4. Use A Lint Roller

Lint rollers can be very handy tools even in houses without pets, but are absolute necessities for households that do have pets. Lint rollers can be used on drapes, furniture, clothes, blankets, and so many more items. Lint rollers can pick up the pet hair and fluff that handheld vacuums might not be able to pick up or reach.

5. Stain Remover

Make sure you have a stain remover on hand for every material in your house. A stain remover for your couch may be completely different than the stain remover that needs to be used on your hardwood floors. Always test the stain remover you are using on an unnoticeable part of the material so as to ensure no bleaching will occur. 

6. Wipe Their Paws and Brush Hair

Another way to look at the cleanliness of your home is to decrease the mess before it gets messy. Make sure your pet’s paws are wiped off after their walks and potty breaks outside.  Keep a rag at the door to clean their paws before they track throughout your house. Brushing their hair regularly can also be beneficial to keeping the shedding down before it even makes it into your house.

Daily cleaning can keep the deep cleaning to a minimum, but at some point, your house will need to be deep cleaned. What better people to call than the professionals at Dom Care Cleaning. Deep cleaning can require some heavy lifting and strenuous tasks so let Dom Care do your cleaning for you today. 

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