5 Tips To Maintain Your Wood Furniture

//5 Tips To Maintain Your Wood Furniture

5 Tips To Maintain Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can add a lot of character and charm to any room in the house. Whether dining tables, chairs or cupboards, they contribute practical benefits as well as aesthetic appeal. This kind of furniture also does not come cheap. Good quality wood furniture comes in a wide range of quality, and some of the more attractive pieces can be thousands of dollars. Wherever your furniture lies in the price spectrum, it is important to clean it and maintain it so that you can enjoy it for longer.

The following tips will help you look after your wood furniture to ensure that your home is clean, tidy and comfortable for all to enjoy it.

1. Dust it regularly

If you want a clean and tidy room then dusting is a huge part of this. Shiny furniture instantly makes any room look clean. Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe down any dust. Dusting in intricate places on your tables and chairs, and on cupboards and other spaces should be done at least twice a month

 2. Keep it away from direct sun rays

Unfortunately, if your wood is exposed to sunlight repeatedly and for lengthy periods of time then it can result in spotting this is where the wood attains light and dark spots across some parts. Unfortunately wiping it down can actually exacerbate the effect. Ensure to make use of blinds to let in the right amount of sunlight to your home.  

3. Avoid extreme temperatures

Be wary of placing hot pots or frozen objects directly onto wood furniture. They can change the texture of the wood and often leave marks that are unattractive. Use coasters and trivets for hot pans and mugs respectively to protect your furniture, and in particular your tables which are more prone to this.

4. Oil and wax it often

If you like a shiny piece of furniture then simply dusting and cleaning will not be enough. You must oil and wax the wooden furniture which will make it look new once more. It also protects the wood from scratches which can make it look unattractive and also affect its value. Every few months is a good timeframe to aim for when it comes to oiling and waxing your wood furniture.

5. Don’t be afraid of aging

Wood furniture, if maintained well, can age gracefully. Many people will also upcycle vintage pieces of furniture to give them a new lease of life. Aging furniture can have more character appeal for some people. Simply look after it by cleaning, dusting and oiling and waxing regularly and enjoy the changes it undergoes.


Everyone wants a clean and tidy home. Whilst cleaning kitchens and bathrooms is a big part of this, so is maintaining your wood furniture. If this is something you’re aware of but don’t have the time or patience for more cleaning routines, then don’t worry. This is where Dom Care Cleaning in Brisbane and the Gold Coast come in. We can take care of your home and furniture so you can enjoy a clean, healthy, tidy and attractive living space.

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