5 Tips for Efficient Vacuum Cleaning

//5 Tips for Efficient Vacuum Cleaning

5 Tips for Efficient Vacuum Cleaning

For most of us, vacuum cleaning is a simple enough chore that it shouldn’t require much explanation. There are, however, many bad habits that can lead to not only carpets that aren’t thoroughly cleaned but also to cleaning jobs that take longer than they should, had they be done more efficiently. Here are five tips for efficient vacuum cleaning:

  • Use a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

A professional chef wouldn’t use a butter knife to cut meat, so don’t use the wrong type of vacuum cleaner for the job at hand. If you’re simply in need of a decent vacuum cleaner for the home, often a little Henry will do the trick. Nevertheless, homes with pets or with allergy sufferers can be made healthier places to live with high-quality, HEPA filters and better quality vacuum cleaners will get the job done faster and more effectively.

Commercial offices and workplaces need to be using high-quality vacuum cleaners, but when considering that the carpeted areas can be substantially larger than in most homes, getting the job done quicker and more efficiently can lead to cost savings in the long run.

  • Work in Organised Strips

Most people have a tendency to vacuum in disorderly back and forth movements that not only results in a longer job, but it can also neglect many areas as well. Start by vacuuming from the entranceway along the wall in one long, unidirectional strip against the napping (the ‘grain’) of the carpet. This will lift up the piling and suck up dust and debris deeper in the carpet.

Follow up with another strip going in the exact opposite direction for best effect. New strips should be parallel and have some overlap so that all sections of the carpet are being cleaned effectively.

  • Use the Nozzle for Tight Areas

In areas where the carpet is too narrow or under/around furniture as well as in corners, use the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle to reach these spaces. Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply to dust and bacteria as they can thrive in these places, especially if neglected during routine cleaning. Take the time and do the job right; clean these areas thoroughly to promote a healthier carpet.

  • Replace Vacuum Bags Regularly

Many vacuum cleaners use vacuum bags that store all of the dust and debris from cleaning. While these bags can contain quite a bit of dust and debris, they still need to be replaced. This applies even more to vacuum cleaners that are used frequently, so ensure that you or your cleaning staff have access to vacuum bags and knows how to replace them. Failing to do so will result in a lot of wasted work and effort.

  • Keep a Good Routine

Vacuum cleaning isn’t an exciting chore for most people, but that doesn’t mean it should go neglected either. Failing to keep up a good routine for vacuum cleaning isn’t only for appearances; regular vacuum cleaning keeps bacteria from accumulating and seeping into the deeper parts of the carpet, whereby it can become a health hazard and lead to respiratory problems.

At home, clean at least once every fortnight. For offices and commercial spaces, aim to have the carpets vacuum cleaned at least once per week. Keeping a good routine will keep the carpet in good condition and it will also appear fresh and welcoming to guests, clients, and employees alike.

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