5 Tips for Cleaning Office Chairs

//5 Tips for Cleaning Office Chairs

5 Tips for Cleaning Office Chairs

For so many millions of Australians that have made the switch to work from home, the need for comfortable, ergonomic office chairs has skyrocketed in 2020. How long does one spend in an office chair? Do you work eight hours a day in them? That’s a third of your day, so just like a quality mattress is for sleep, a quality office chair is absolutely essential as well.

We all know how important it is to keep our beds and Mattress Cleaning, from changing linens to using mattress protectors, but do we give the same attention to our chairs that see so much use day in, day out?

Below are five tips to keep your office chair sparkling clean and hygienic:

  • Plastic Chairs

Plastic is amongst the easiest materials to keep clean and sanitised. Although less comfortable and perhaps not as ideal for extended periods of sitting, keeping plastic chairs clean just takes a little spray of antibacterial cleaner every once in awhile. Try to avoid using harsh chemical products and scouring products and instead opt for gentler, eco-friendly cleaners if possible.

If you can bear the smell, plain white vinegar is also wonderful at disinfecting plastic surfaces. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth afterwards and you’re good to go.

  • Mesh Chairs

At first sight, it may seem like mesh chairs are a pain in the behind to clean. There is a trick to keeping mesh clean, however, and it all starts with a thorough vacuum cleaning of the chair’s surface area to remove any dust or debris caught in the cracks. Follow up with a warm, damp cloth and supplement with a gentle antibacterial cleaning solution if desired. This will keep the mesh clean and sanitised without having to worry about manually going over every single hole in the fabric!

  • Fabric Chairs

Fabric takes a little more effort to clean simply because there are so many different fabric types that require specific cleaning techniques in order to prevent damage or discolouration. If you take the time to look at the washing instructions on your clothes, for example, you should be well aware that some clothes should be washed in under 40 degree water whilst others should never be ironed, for example – fabric chairs have a similar schema.

Generally, fabric chairs will have a label or tag with a symbol for cleaning. Some examples include:

  • W: water-based cleaning solutions are acceptable
  • S: water-free solvents (e.g. dry cleaning solvents) should be used
  • WS/SW: either WS or SW mean that both dry cleaning solvents and water-based solvents are acceptable
  • X: only trust professional cleaners for X labels.
  • C: enzyme detergents such as Crypton should be used
  • Leather & Upholstered Chairs

Leather upholstery is a beast of a different colour altogether, so exercise plenty of caution when cleaning leather upholstered chairs. Always choose products that are designed for leather and always test on a corner area first before applying to the entire chair surface.

  • Professional Office Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning office chairs, desks, furniture, carpets, windows, and more, trust a local cleaning service provider that understands the modern hygienic and sanitary needs of employers and employees to keep workplaces healthy and productive.

Dom Care Cleaning

At Dom Care Cleaning, we excel in office cleaning duties to the highest standards. Enquire with us today to learn more about our services.

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