5 Tips for Carpet and Mattress Cleaning during Coronavirus

//5 Tips for Carpet and Mattress Cleaning during Coronavirus

5 Tips for Carpet and Mattress Cleaning during Coronavirus

With everyone staying indoors for prolonged periods due to the coronavirus pandemic, use the opportunity to deep clean your home. Not only does a clean home promote healthier living and cleaner air, but it could also reduce the chances of introducing germs and viruses into the home as well. Here are five DIY tips for carpet and mattress cleaning during the coronavirus pandemic:

Stains and dirty spots on the carpet can be tough to remove, and unfortunately, the damage is sometimes irreversible. Regardless, it’s worth the effort of scrubbing stains and spots on the carpet to bring it back to its full vibrant colour rather than looking unsightly.

Luckily, some remedies require products commonly found in the home, which may save you a trip to the supermarket or hardware store. Try a combination of vinegar and baking soda to achieve a thorough clean for troublesome stains. These two products react together to create a sudsy foam that can loosen up stains deep within the carpet.

  • Steam Clean Your Carpet Regularly

Steam cleaning works wonders for tailored clothes, but it’s also great on carpets a few times a year. Steam cleaners can complement regular vacuum cleaning by injecting steam deep into the roots of the carpet piling, where bacteria and mould may accumulate over time.

Whereas regular vacuum cleaning is great at removing topical dirt and dust, steam cleaning gets right down into the carpet to treat stains, bacteria, and mould at the source.

  • Treat Urine Stains

Pets can bring so much joy and wonderful surprises, but they can also develop a nasty habit of leaving behind little yellow surprises on your carpet as well. Pet urine will undoubtedly create a foul odour that will only get worse over time.

Treat pet urine as soon as possible with homemade solutions such as vinegar. If this doesn’t work (usually because the urine has set deep in the carpet), choose enzymatic cleaning products which will eat away at the urine at the source.

  • Treat Mattress Odours Naturally

Mattresses should be deep cleaned at least twice a year since we spend so much time on them and they can be exposed to sweat, skin flakes, and all other sorts of nasty stuff. As with carpets, many treatment methods for mattresses are also completely natural and often readily available in most households.

Baking soda and lavender oil can do an excellent job of treating foul odours and leaving your mattress with a fresh lavender scent afterwards. Combine the two and sprinkle over the bare mattress and allow it to set. Vacuum up afterwards and your mattress will be nice and fresh.

  • Eliminate Mattress Stains

Most mattress stains come from our own bodies, so it’s important that you remove these stains as they appear. Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing soap can be combined into a spray bottle and sprayed over the bare mattress to eat away at most stains. Allow the mattress to air dry and do some spot scrubbing if a stain is persistent.

Dom Care Cleaning

Even with all the additional time spent at home, it can be hard to find the motivation to deep clean carpets and mattresses. Contact the cleaning experts at Dom Care Cleaning to have your home professionally cleaned.

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