5 Reasons Why Businesses Need High Pressure Cleaning

//5 Reasons Why Businesses Need High Pressure Cleaning

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need High Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is an essential service for homes and businesses for a wide variety of reasons. Businesses equally stand to benefit, but quite often, daily operations take precedence over matters such as pressure cleaning. That’s why it’s so important to leave this task to a skilled, reliable team of professional cleaners such as Dom Care Cleaning. Here are five reasons why your business needs high-pressure cleaning:

  • Looks do Matter

There’s no getting around the fact that looks really do matter. The appearance of your business, especially if front-facing retail where you deal directly with customers, conveys a lot about what customers can expect once they set foot inside.

Pressure cleaning achieves a deep clean on all surfaces, thus leaving your building, the car park, footpaths, and even the sidewalk looking pristine. By showcasing the approach you take to cleanliness, you convey to customers that you take into account all of the important details to provide them with a great quality product or service.

  • Health & Hygiene at the Forefront

Not to say that it was not important in the pre-2020 years, but health and hygiene have really come, for better or worse, at the forefront of everyone’s mind in these past few years. It’s just how the cookie is crumbling, it seems.

To keep your office or retail shop clean and hygienic on the inside is paramount, but it’s also a good habit to keep the exterior clean and free of bacteria, mould, algae, or whatever else may be growing along the window sills, on the roof, or on footpaths leading to your front doors.

High-pressure water and effective disinfecting solvents are able to achieve the desired results by knocking away any built-up debris on surfaces, inside hard-to-reach cracks and crevices, and to prevent the rapid spread of mould and bacteria, thereby keeping your business hygienic and safe inside and out.

  • Protect Surfaces

You may have heard about one possible downside of pressure washing, that is to say the application of pressures too high that they remove sealant or paint and cause damage to siding, windows, etc. While it’s true that variable nozzles and high pressure settings can certainly cause damage, in the hands of a trained professional this should never happen.

In fact, the opposite may happen and here’s why. By removing dirt and soil as well as bacterial growth from a building’s surface, there is less chance of any acidic substances from setting in and eating away at the surface. For example, bird excrement can, over time, erode roof tiles and eat through building materials. In brief, the correct application of high-pressure cleaning can serve to prolong the lifespan of surfaces.

  • It’s Quick and Affordable

Nobody wants to go outside with a cloth rag and a bucket of soapy water to wash, by hand, an entire building. It’s costly, time-consuming, and in many instances ineffective at truly deep cleaning. High-pressure cleaning is quick and easy when performed by a trained professional, and with Dom Care Cleaning it’s also affordable and competitively priced.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

Our pressure cleaning equipment uses water and pressure, so there’s no harm to the environment. But what about tough spots that require chemical cleaning solvents? Well, that’s why we use biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning products that don’t pollute the water and ecosystem once applied.

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