5 Helpful Tips to Keep Home Offices Clean and Tidy

//5 Helpful Tips to Keep Home Offices Clean and Tidy

5 Helpful Tips to Keep Home Offices Clean and Tidy

We’ve done articles on how to keep office workspaces clean and tidy, but for hundreds of thousands of Australians, the focus now should be on keeping home offices clean due to the shift from offices to work from home scenarios.

With these five helpful tips to keep home offices clean and tidy you’ll benefit from increased productivity, less clutter to pick up after, and a more aesthetically pleasing space – after all, whether it’s in an office or home office we’re spending hours upon hours in the same place, so may as well keep it looking great.

  • Switch to Whiteboards

It’s such a simple way to keep things organised, but it often gets neglected for those all-too-popular sticky notes that start accumulating on all edges of the monitor. A simple whiteboard and dry-erase markers are none too expensive, but they go a long way towards decluttering your workspace by keeping all of your brainstorming etc. in one place.

You’ll also save plenty of time cleaning up old sticky notes and loose pieces of scrap paper so long as you’re using the whiteboard frequently.

  • Use a Waterproof Desk Mat

The gamer community has been using extra-wide keyboard and mouse mats for years now, designed (or at least marketed) to provide superior comfort for long sessions of the latest video game titles. Don’t let them have all of the fun, however.

Waterproof desk mats are an excellent way to keep your desk space organised and tidy whilst providing excellent protection from coffee stains or food crumbs (if you’re the type that eats at their desk, that is). Also useful as a deterrent for scratches and scuffs on your desk.

  • Declutter the Home With a Plan

If your home is now your workplace, it’s clearly serving double duty. This puts all the more emphasis on keeping it tidy and clutter-free. Use some of your downtime to create an actionable plan for decluttering your home with a simple three-category list (on a piece of paper or in your head, up to you).

The first should be ‘keep,’ all the items you clearly want to keep. Easy peasy. The last is ‘rubbish,’ where everything you can do away with can be tossed out for good. The middle column is perhaps the trickiest one, call it ‘maybe’ or ‘relocate.’ In this category, take the time to sort through what needs to be stowed away, what needs to be put in a different room, and what can safely be moved over to the ‘rubbish’ column.

  • Use Cable Clip Organisers

There are just so many electronic devices in our daily lives today, each with their own power cord, charger, and cables galore. All of these cables can lead to an unsightly, tangled mess. Cable clip organisers are simple little gadgets that hold cables in place for a clean, organised look. They’re pretty darned inexpensive, so pick up a dozen or so and run them around your desk or wherever you’ve got cables sticking out.

  • Get a Colourful Keyboard Cover

As discussed above with waterproof desk mats, keyboard covers are inexpensive ways of giving your work laptop or desktop keyboard a little bit of an insurance policy against inevitable coffee spills. They’re available in a wide array of colours, as well.

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