5 Great Office Spring Cleaning Tips

//5 Great Office Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Great Office Spring Cleaning Tips

With spring in full swing, it’s time to do some major cleaning. Perhaps spring cleaning is simply a justification for us to get motivated to clean, but in any case, one big annual cleanup of offices is a must. Even those who excel at keeping workplaces routinely clean stand to benefit, but for those of us who just can’t find the time to tidy up, cleaning up the office can boost productivity significantly.

Productivity plays a large role in the value we all create at work. Clean, organised office spaces allow us to find office supplies faster, reduces workplace hazards, and showcases to clients that your office is a professional space that promotes productivity. 

If you’re formulating a strategy to tackle this year’s big spring cleaning, here are five tips that can help you work smarter to achieve your cleaning goals.

  • Call in Professional Cleaners

Our first tip may seem like cheating since you’re allowing a professional bond cleaning service to take care of this job for you. In reality, many workplaces stand to benefit by hiring an external cleaning service. 

Every moment you spend cleaning is a moment you spend not creating value, and for those of us with busy, busy schedules, we just don’t have the time needed to clean properly. Time is money, so don’t waste either and hire a reputable cleaner such as Dom Care Cleaning to do the job properly for you.

  • Make Time to Clean

This may seem obvious but think of it as leveraging your productivity. As desks and workspaces become increasingly cluttered, more time is wasted trying to find important documents or office supplies. A little bit of time spent every day cleaning a specific area can give you small, achievable goals that promote gradual progress towards a full and thorough spring cleaning. Choose an off-peak time for your business and devote half an hour to an hour every day and stick to your schedule for best results.

  • Involve Your Whole Team

Just like working out at a gym, a sense of progress and motivation can do a lot for achieving great results. Involve team members and coworkers by performing cleaning duties simultaneously so that everyone feels like they’re contributing to a better and more productive workplace. It’s also an opportunity to put on some music and have a little fun whilst cleaning.

  • Use the Opportunity to Deep Clean

You’re probably already routinely hoovering carpets and tidying up desks, but there are some tasks that should be done periodically in order to promote healthier and safer working environments. For example, how often do you deep clean your window blinds? Carpets? These tasks are often neglected to the danger of employees and visitors since blinds and carpets can attract a dangerous amount of dust, mould, and bacteria.

Create a realistic checklist of all deep cleaning tasks and use spring as a justification to perform these duties in one go.

  • Perform a Thorough Digital Cleaning

As more and more of our work takes place online and on our office PC, we often get into habits of accumulating a lot of digital junk. From desktops full of clutter to email inboxes with thousands of undeleted items, most of us can benefit from cleaning up our digital spaces.

Use this opportunity to run a thorough virus scan, delete or archive unnecessary old files, defragment drives, and performing any patching or updates to software or the operating system. Don’t forget to physically clean keyboards, mouses, and monitors as well.

Dom Care Cleaning provides professional cleaning services, with specialised cleaning tools and methods suitable for offices of all types and sizes. Contact us today for upholstery cleaning Brisbane to see how we can help your office operate more productively.

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