5 Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

//5 Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

5 Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Why bother steam cleaning your carpet and rugs when you can just vacuum them every once in a while? There are many good reasons, actually. Below are five key benefits of carpet steam cleaning services and how they can benefit your home or business:

  • Keep Mould and Bacteria Away

Perhaps one of the biggest threats to any home or office is the growth of invisible bacteria deep down in the fibres of a carpet or upholstery. Sure, they’ll gather and accumulate unseen in just the right conditions – moisture and air – but by the time you’ve spotted the early or late (hopefully not) signs of black mould, you’ve got a real mess on your hands.

Black mould is a killer that poses a serious risk to respiratory health as well as discolouring everywhere that it spreads. It’s also notoriously difficult to remove, so quite often the best solution is to simply rip up affected areas of the carpet and replace it anew.

Steam cleaning is amongst the best ways, especially when performed regularly, to stave off the growth of mould and bacteria since the hot water extraction method kills off any buildups and sucks out any moisture left behind, thus reducing the chances of mould spreading in the first place.

  • Clean Appearance, Professional Look

Professionally steam cleaned carpets look just like new, and if the carpet is well-maintained in between routine deep cleaning through vacuuming and spot stain removal, they will often retain their firmness and uniformity well as they age.

What’s better is that steam cleaning uses hot water extraction methods to thoroughly penetrate deep into the carpet’s roots so that any dirt and debris are removed. Doing this by hand is simply impossible, no matter how much scrubbing you do.

  • Improved Productivity

Whether at work or at home (many homes are now doubling up as workplaces, too), staying productive can be a challenge. Cleanliness is a proven method of improving productivity, and since the carpet makes up quite a bit of our visual real estate it’s no surprise that keeping the carpet clean and tidy is important for reasons of productivity.

  • Health Benefits

Clean air is essential, especially if we’re staying indoors for extended periods (i.e. during working hours). Steam cleaned carpets are thoroughly deep cleaned and do not contain any trace elements of harmful chemical products, dirt or debris, bacteria, or mould (as mentioned in the first point).

It stands to reason that steam cleaning, as a non-invasive and proven way of achieving a truly deep clean, is critical for any carpeted area where air quality is a concern.

  • Prolong the Lifespan of Your Carpet

It is a myth that steam cleaning will prematurely age your carpet, provided that it is done properly using the correct equipment and settings for the intended purpose. Professional steam cleaning services do not adversely harm your carpet.

By keeping your carpet free of mould and bacteria, you are taking steps towards prolonging the lifespan of your carpet. Note that steam cleaning won’t repair permanently matted or damaged piling nor will it resolve deep accumulations of mould that has had plenty of time to fester, so it isn’t a repair solution but rather preventative care.

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